If you want litigation support in UAE please hire our corporate investigators

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litigationWe hired a qualified and experienced investigator and narrated full story to get his advice. He appreciated our move of not being in hurry and not taking an unprepared move. He stated that one such move could have ruined us. He suggested us to go as per his plan. He advised us to have a legal fight by prosecute a strong case in court. In this respect he selected a qualified attorney for our work. As advised by the attorney, we filed a legal complaint against him. This was the first step in a direction to get the land back from the encroacher. Our attorney was confident of winning the case.

Now, my aim was to get the land back by any means. It was important for me to find right sources to give him a tough fight. The idea of challenging him without any preparation was a foolish move. It could have put me in big trouble. Therefore, I wanted to have sure shots to give deep lesion for his immoral act. To this, I narrated entire story to my friend to get his supports. He suggested me have patience to play a safe game without disclosing the plan of action. If it leaks out then it would be failure on our part. He guided me to consult an investigator to get litigation support services which are genuinely the best part of corporate investigations in UAE.

The case was registered under legal encroachment act. Now it was needed by us to serve summon for calling him in court for a hearing. To this, the corporate investigator took the guarantee to serve the paper without fail. As believed, he successfully served the judicial papers to him just in a couple of days.

On hearing day, both the parties were present in the court for a proceeding. The judge asked attorneys to start the case. Both of lawyers produced series of evidences and witnesses to get solid grounds. My lawyer produced the original papers land. The magistrate asked second party to provide his papers. All the papers were sent for a forensic verification to ensure about any tampering or tainting. A report was submitted by the experts. As per that papers submitted by the encroaches were fake and unreal.

His deception came before everyone and court judgment came in my favour. The court ordered encroacher to evacuate the land immediately and hand over the possession to me. Not only that, he was awarded admonition and penalty. That way I could teach him a good lesson.

This incident taught me that how a little lapse or slackness in urgent works can become so serious and it can cause big troubles in the life. Same time, I learned that how good is to use UAE corporate investigators especially at that time, when you need to protect your business or secure your vital assets. Definitely, they can be trusted and can also be utilized in emergency.

What are the benefits of using an insurance investigation service in India?

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insurance-fraudToday, insurance has emerged as the one of fastest growing service sector in India. In fact, this has come as the major need of every circle or society working for different professions. You can see how people are getting attracted to this sector and getting the benefits of various policies and plans offered by the firms working here. Nowadays, firms are providing the policies for different purposes. People are buying plans for the education, marriage of the kids. At the same time, there are people, who purchase policies for safety and protection of their assets and valuables. Even, people are insuring their homes, shops and businesses to handle a risk or a threat come to them, in various forms.

With all these things, it seems that this sector has moved in the personal or business life of the people. You can see how effectively people have used each and every service for their betterment. Here, I want to divert your attention to this saying that every good thing has its bad effect. And this is being proved by the huge rise of frauds, fakeness, forgery or deception coming through various ways. Today people have found many illegal ways, which are used for getting monetary benefits unlawfully. During a discussion with the firms working in the service sector, we could come to know that claim has become prone area in insurance, People are using fraudulent substances to create fake claim to get the illegal compensation. This is the thing, which is making them to have annual financial loss of crores of rupees. As an effect of that entire profits are going out in the payment of fake or staged claims.

That’s why, In India firms are not minding to use the insurance investigation services to have a good control over excessive rise of fraudulent claims. This is one of the genuine ways, which is greatly used by the firms to act over all types of fake activities. In fact, there are many investigative firms have come up here in various parts of country and offering the remarkable services of claim investigators to help insurance firms. They have come as one of genuine sources to impart to quality investigation services to create an effective system to verify all types of claim.

In fact, Indian insurance firms are greatly benefits with the utilization of these processes. Major benefits are coming with the subsequent fall in the annual losses, due to which, they are securing their profits in better ways. Today, firms are quite confident for having a strict action on suspicious and spurious claims. In this attempt, firms are taking the good use of services rendered by claim investigators. They use their skills and experience to verify the originality of facts, documents, tests records and bills. Moreover they are visiting incident sites, interrogate involved persons and interview neighbors, friends, relative to get the statement and reconcile the available facts to the incident. This way, they prepare complete investigative report and send it to the concerned agency for further action to decide on these claims.

That way, an agency can move a motion to not to pay the claim, if it is found in-genuine or fake.